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How to Tell the Difference Between Ants & Termites

The most common and destructive termites in the US is the subterranean termite which is found in every state except Alaska. A NJ termite colony builds their nests and colonies primarily in wood underneath the soil. Subterranean means operating underneath the earth’s surface or underground. They search for trees and other decaying wood, tunnel through the ground and if their food source is absent they look towards other sources like your house. They can access your house through any wood in contact with the soil. It is wise to keep firewood a few feet away from your house and keeping the grounds free of debris. You should get your home inspected regularly by a pest control company and save money you would spend on termite treatment costs in the future. An inspection can save thousands of dollars in repair bills from termite treatment by conducting these on a regular basis.

Mature Termite Colony in NJ

A mature termite colony may number in the millions with each one filling a defined biological role. They follow a strict social strata and are divided into castes. They comprise of workers, soldiers, and reproductive. A King and a queen typically reside in a mature colony. Winged adults are called swamers because they come out from the colony during certain seasons usually during early spring or late winter. The swarmers are the primary reproductive and this event marks the beginning of the termite reproductive cycle. Swarming is important because this is usually when humans spot them and become aware that there is a problem.

Swarming termites and flying ants are often confused with one another. You can compare the biological differences between the two to help determine which one is the flying ant and which one is the swarming termite.

  • Termites have antennas that are straight while ant antennae have a bend to it and are L shaped
  • Termites do not have a defined waist while ants have a narrow waist that is more clinched in the middle of the body
  • Termites have four wings that are twice as long as their body that are of equal length while ant wings are about equal to the body size with the wings being unequal in length

Indicators of Infestation - New Jersey Termite Infestation

Some of the most common indicators that there is a termite infestation are wings on window sills and floors Other evidence includes mud tubes that termites create to travel which are often found in basement corners, wooden support beams, posts, trim, doors, and walls. Termite infestation can produce extensive structural damage although it may seem sound from the outside. If you wish to take preventative measure to prevent and infestation contact Coastal Pest Control today for help with termite control in NJ.

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